Ilean Corner


IileanMy name is Ilean, I’m a Chihuahua I am 14 years old. I live with a big family, first there is my dad, then my mum. I have 1 brother & 1 sister

Then there are all my 4 legged brothers & sisters, Bella – She is a cat and my equal she’s 6 years old. Demi – She is a Golden Retriever and cool she’s 6 years old.  Sasha & Honey – They are sisters and Maine Coon cats they are also 6 years old. Bailey – He is also a Chihuahua (who is overweight and thinks he is a Rottweiler) is 6 as well.  Squidge – She is the youngest cat and only 4 years old.  Henry – He is the youngest Chihuahua (who is scared of everything and thinks he is a parrot) he is 2 years old. Gemma – She is a Swiss Shepherd and the youngest of the family (she is going through the ganglies no control of her legs, I’m too old for this) she is only 8 months. Sometimes I think that every time I let my two legs out of my sight they bring home another brother or sister.

We go for walks all the time, we have a big park not far away where Bailey tries to make friends with all the people he can find, Gemma acts like she is being killed, Henry doesn’t know how to walk he runs everywhere and in summer we go to the beach, where Demi swims and tries to rescue people (even though they don’t need rescuing).

A couple of weeks ago I won my first beauty contest, FINALLY someone who believes what my mum has been telling people for years and it proves you’re never too old.

Bye for now see you later,